Best Equipment for Auto Repair Shops

Have you been dreaming of opening your auto repair shop one day? It is the next step in the journey of every aspiring mechanic. However, just your amazing mechanic skills are not going to be enough for opening an auto repair shop. Most auto repair shop owners would agree that EQUIPMENT IS KING when it […]

How to Get Working Capital Loans with Bad Credit?

Are you struggling to get a working capital loan for your business? Because of bad credit history, business owners often face difficulty getting a working capital loan from traditional lenders. This article will guide you to choose the right funding solution for a working capital loan. Even if your business has a bad credit history. […]

8 Tips and Tricks for Financing Investment Property

Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth and generate passive income for a long time. While it is more work upfront, investment in real estate can provide far greater returns than conventional investment accounts. Once you identify the type of real estate investment you’d like to pursue, it’s time […]

Common Errors in Business Credit and How to Fix Them

If you want to grow your business, you’ll eventually need credit. Accordingly, it’s important to ensure that your credit report remains updated and accurate. The Fair Credit Reporting Act safeguards your personal credit rating. It protects consumers from unfair and inaccurate credit reporting. However, your business credit doesn’t have the same protection as your personal credit. For […]

Equipment Financing: How It Works and How to Leverage it for Your Small Business

If you want to start a business but don’t know how to finance your machinery and other forms of equipment, what would you do? The solution for these types of situations is to use equipment financing. This refers to the process of taking out a loan to purchase the necessary equipment for your business. For instance, […]

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Merchant Cash Advance

Is your business in financial trouble? Perhaps your business is in great shape, but you want to expand operations. Regardless of your situation, a merchant cash advance can help. An MCA is a cash advance that stems from your credit card sales. Under an MCA borrowers sell a portion of their future business revenue in […]

Guide to Invoice Factoring for Small Business Owners


As of 2020, the United States market size for invoice factoring is worth a staggering $4.7 billion. In the five years leading to 2020, demand for invoice factoring services has grown steadily, with the industry growing faster than the economy overall. It’s easy to see why many small businesses regularly use invoice factoring services. As a […]

The Importance of Business Credit


As a business owner, there are many times when your creditworthiness is important. Maybe you need to rent space and need a landlord to agree to a lease. Maybe you need a business loan to grow your business or help with cash flow. As your business depends on others assessing the risk in working with you, […]

What is the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act?

When COVID-19 forced closures in March of 2020, many small businesses suddenly found themselves without any income. The Paycheck Protection Program was announced as part of the CARES act specifically to provide some relief. A PPP loan would cover the payroll of small businesses and later be forgiven if the business met certain requirements. The program was […]